Fabric-less deployments for WSGI apps with Dorian Pula

Presentation on Sunday at 3:45 p.m. to 4:15 p.m. in Room 1130.

Intermediate level talk about migrating a Fabric deployment to a more flexible setup using using Ansible and Invoke. Follows the journey of changing the deployment of a Flask based blogging app from a Fabric script and pre-provisioned server to a modular system with Invoke tasks and provisioning using Ansible. Discusses the advantages and cons of moving to a declarative system versus direct shell commands. Touches upon on Ansible Roles, Ansible Galaxy and Invoke.

Dorian Pula Bio

Dorian Pula is a full-stack Python developer, mobile Linux enthusiast and a Computer Science graduate of the University of Toronto. He has contributed to Fabric, Ansible, and a number of other open source Python projects. He works at Points building Flask-based REST microservices and web applications. When he isn't coding, Dorian enjoys writing, kayaking and hiking in Ontario's back-country.