Welcome & Morning Keynote with Brett Cannon

Presentation on samedi at 9:30 matin to 10:30 matin in Room 1160.

Over Python's long history it has collected a large number of implementations, both active and abandoned (Wikipedia lists 10 implementations alone.) Brett will go over the actively maintained implementations of Python, what makes them unique, and end with an unscientific performance comparison (both Python 2 & 3 interpreters.)

Actively maintained interpreters

  • CPython
  • PyPy
  • IronPython
  • Jython

Interpreters under development

  • Skython?
  • Pyston
  • Pyjion

Other ways to get a performance boost

  • Numba
  • Cython

Performance comparison

An exploration of performance using CPython's benchmark suite. Data will be made publicly available through a Jupyter notebook.

Brett Cannon Bio

Dr. Brett Cannon is a principal software engineer at Microsoft on the Python team in the Azure machine learning group. He has been a member of the Python development team for 12 years. Vancouver, BC is where he calls home with his wife Andrea and their cat. Brett thinks you should port your code to Python 3 if you haven't already.