Afternoon Keynote & Closing Messages with Karen Rubin

Presentation on samedi at 5:05 après-midi to 6:15 après-midi in Room 1160.

Building a Quantitative Trading Strategy To Beat the S&P500

Upon joining Quantopian, in order to understand her users better, Karen Rubin embarked on a project to learn how quants research, write and trade algorithms to invest in the market. Over the course of a year, she has explored what would happen if you invested in women-led companies and learned about the challenges of writing profitable investment strategies.

In this talk, she will walk us through the highs and lows of her journey from initial data gathering and cleansing to strategy validation and trading.

Karen Rubin Bio

Karen Rubin has spent the past 10 years building products and managing product development teams. She is currently the VP of product at Quantopian, where they are building the world’s first crowd sourced hedge fund. She is focused on expanding and improving their algorithmic trading tools so that the community of 50,000 quants can create great, fundable strategies.

Before coming to Quantopian, Karen spent time working on the investing team at Matrix Partners where she helped evaluate potential investments and supported portfolio companies. She also spent 5 years on the product team at HubSpot, where she was responsible for building the first version of many of their inbound marketing tools.

Prior to HubSpot, she spent 5 years managing publishing development projects for clients such as NBC,,, and