Learn to analyse graphs with graph-tool for fun, fun, and profit! with Zach Aysan

Presentation on samedi at 3:50 après-midi to 5:05 après-midi in Tutorial Room 2195.

Have you every had an hard morning and thought to yourself:

Self, why can't I understand the data I have here before me? Why can I not just create a Directed Acyclical Graph and create hierarchies of knowledge from a Wikipedia dump? Self how do I get better at analysing graphical data?

Well you're in luck. We'll get you set up with graph-tool and someone to help guide you to the promised land of linear time.

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Zach Aysan Bio

Zach Aysan is a web crawling, machine learning, database wrangling backend developer. He can often be seen biking down a busy Toronto street between coffee time and lunch.