Geolocation apps with Django with Tyler Savery

Presentation on samedi at 1:40 après-midi to 2:10 après-midi in Room 1160.

Latitude, longitude, altitude, and even iBeacons can be leveraged to enable geo-targeted experiences. But how do we build and optimize the server-side components to handle these requirements? Using a combination of libraries and techniques, we will illustrate these concepts. In this discussion everything from map clustering and caching, to distance calculations and polygonal layering will be demonstrated using Django, GeoDjango, Redis, and PostGIS as our tool belt.

Tyler Savery Bio

Tyler is a self taught programmer who runs an interactive media production company called The Young Astronauts here in Toronto. He spends most of his coding time writing Python, Javascript, and Objective C. And he loves teaching up-and-coming developers how to make the most of their time. For fun, Tyler can be found writing music, hacking on his Arduino & Raspberry Pi or live streaming code.