Does code quality really matter? with James Powell

Presentation on samedi at 2:15 après-midi to 2:45 après-midi in Room 1160.

Data scientists pride themselves on the quality of their models, analyses, predictions and consider the task of putting this work into production as pedestrian and uninteresting. How much does it really matter if you choose Python, Julia, R, Java, or any other language for some task? Outside of the availability of packages and maybe performance characteristics, aren't they mostly interchangeable? Programmers bemoan the poor quality of code generated by non-programmers. To them, you can just look up the models in a book: the hard part is building a production system that can operationalize these models and scale. So: which is it? Does code quality really matter?

James Powell Bio

James Powell is a Python progammer residing in New York City. He is the co-chair of the NYC Python meetup ( and has spoken at PyData SV, PyData NYC, PyTexas, PyArkansas, PyGotham, and at the NYC Python meetup. He also authors a blog on Python topics at