Building HATEOAS driven RESTful APIs with ripozo with Tim Martin

Presentation on samedi at 10:40 matin to 11:50 matin in Tutorial Room 2195.

If you have spent any time building RESTful API's you are sure to come across someone claiming you are doing it incorrectly because it does not incorporate HATEOAS. Even Roy Fielding asserts that an application must be driven by hypermedia to be RESTful! Many will claim that the tooling simply "isn't there yet". In this talk we'll disprove this assumption and walk you through creating hypermedia driven APIs with ripozo. We'll show you why this makes developing truly RESTful applications painless and even expose you to clients that make the beauty of self discovering APIs evident.

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Tim Martin Bio

Tim Martin still hasn't figured out this whole software thing. Every time he thinks he has figured it out, he discovers a new design pattern that changes everything. At any given time, he'll tell you that the software he wrote three months ago is the worst. When he's not coding you can find him trying to automate his reef aquariums or drinking fine wines and craft beer