Python for reliable delivery of cross platform developer products with Ananya (Avi) Das

Presentation on dimanche at 2:35 après-midi to 3:05 après-midi in Room 1180.

Are you part of a team responsible for delivering cross platform products? End to end automated testing and communicating effectively are important when your project depends on multiple teams spread across functional domains. At Braintree/PayPal, we built a framework to reliably ship developer facing products such as One Touch. In this talk, we will go over using BDD with Behave to describe test scenarios that speaks to both product and engineering, using Appium for mobile automation, and Elasicsearch and Kibana for storage and visualization of test results. You will see how the breadth of packages available on PyPI, the flexibility and ease of Python helped a team of developers whose core competencies were not in Python to collaborate on a common ground.

Only beginner Python knowledge is necessary but an appreciation for the breadth of possibilities with Python is highly encouraged.

Ananya (Avi) Das Bio

Ananya (Avi) Das is a software engineer at Braintree, a PayPal company, based in Austin, Texas. Avi is part of the team responsible for developing PayPal mobile and web SDKs, SDK infrastructure, tooling and docs, which enable developers to accept payments in their applications. Additional industry experience includes financial data analytics and network infrastructure software. Avi is passionate about developing web and mobile products where he can make a significant impact in the user experience.