Using Python for real-time signal analysis with Mohammad Farhan

Presentation on dimanche at 2 après-midi to 2:30 après-midi in Room 1180.

The main subject of this talk is how Python can be used as an alternative to the more commonly used high-level languages used in the scientific data analysis industry.

This talk will focus on PyRF, an open-source library developed by ThinkRF, and how it has been used to provide the same functionality in terms of instrumentation control, data acquisition, digital signal processing, automated testing, production testing, as well as application development.

Mohammad Farhan Bio

Mohammad Farhan graduated from Carleton University with a Bachelor's degree in Biomedical and Electrical Engineering in 2012. For the last 3 years, Mohammad currently works as an Application Engineer working at ThinkRF. His main interests are digital signal analysis, biomedical signal analysis, and application development.