Django and the joys and benefits of live coding with Wesley Stratton

Presentation on dimanche at 12:40 après-midi to 12:50 après-midi in Room 1130.

With the rise of live video streaming, such as Periscope for social and Twitch/Youtube for gaming, there has been a rise in the interest in sharing what you're currently doing with the world as well as also interacting with those people who choose to watch what you're streaming. One of the biggest problems with learning and/or improving your programming abilities is not always being able to get instant feedback on demand or having others provide helpful suggestions instantly. Bring forth a platform that allows programmers to share their projects live and interact with those viewing their stream,

Django and the joys and benefits of live coding seeks to cover Wesley's most recent Bitcoin project that was built solely while streaming with Django and the joys and benefits of live coding will cover the basics of Wesley's project as well as the trials, tribulations, pros and cons of building a project live in front of people from all over the globe, all walks of life, all programming backgrounds and skill levels.

If you're looking for a platform where you can help others, get help from other, watch other create projects or just socialize in real time with other programmers Django and the joys and benefits of live coding is a talk for you.

Wesley Stratton Bio

Wesley is a software engineer that works with Groovy/Grails + Spring by day, but by night he programs his way through Python and Django. Wesley has a love for building and creating projects, large and small, utilizing a wide range of APIs such as Slack, Trello and Bitcoin. Programming is only one of Wesley's loves, he also enjoys Star Wars and Lego, combined they make for a his great collection of Star Wars Lego sets.