Immutable Django with Alex Tucker

Presentation on samedi at 4:25 après-midi to 4:55 après-midi in Room 1180.

Stop using the Django ORM for evil and embrace the light of Event Sourcing and Domain Driven Design. Learn how to start thinking about your system's behaviour instead of state all while still leveraging the power of Django's ORM.

First, learn about the history and philosophy of DDD and Event Sourcing and how it applies to software today.

Next, learn simple patterns of approaching DDD in your application today.

Finally, learn how to use the Django ORM to create a race condition free Event storage and efficient Read Models.

Alex Tucker Bio

As a Development Manager at Wave, Alex Tucker has a focus on leading and mentoring teams to craft beautiful and customer focused software. While not writing Python, you can find Alex abusing JavaScript and learning the finer points of Clojure.