Fraud detection in real-time with Spark with Mehrdad Pazooki

Presentation on samedi at 4:25 après-midi to 4:55 après-midi in Room 1160.

We will explore ways of detecting fraud in a stream of data. In a stream of data we want to make sure that we won't receive too many requests from the same source or we might be curious about finding a specific pattern. In this talk we will see how Spark can help us with the help of probabilistic data structures.

Mehrdad Pazooki Bio

Mehrdad Pazooki is the founder and CEO of Tranquant Inc.. His most recent venture is a geo location based content browser. As a data engineer he loves working on problems in the big data domain and as a business man he likes to convert data into cash. Mehrdad has worked in organizations such as; Iran Telecommunication's research center Chango Inc. Bering Media