Make Jupyter/IPython Notebook even more magical with cell magic extensions! with Nicolas Kruchten

Presentation on samedi at 3:50 après-midi to 4:20 après-midi in Room 1160.

  • My talk will start out with a brief explanation of what Jupyter is (the project formerly known as IPython Notebook) and how to launch it.
  • I will demo how to run a few lines of Python in Jupyter, and how to create text cells with Markdown and LaTeX.
  • I will then demo some of the built-in 'cell magic' extensions like running bash commands and displaying plots inline.
  • I will then show some additional off-the-shelf extensions like the SQL and Graphviz ones, and show how to export a notebook to web-based slides.
  • I will then show how one can build and use a useful new cell magic extension (an interactive HTTP client) in Python, using Jupyter's built-in web-based text editor.

Nicolas Kruchten Bio

Nicolas Kruchten is a software engineer at Datacratic in Montréal, Québec, Canada. His interests include data visualization, control systems, economic modeling and agile methods. Nicolas’ passion for technology and artificial intelligence started when he was 14, programming virtual robots in Reverse Polish Notation and real robots in assembler. His experience includes transportation system modeling, distributed evolutionary algorithms and mobile phone network performance analysis. He has been known to tinker with hardware at home, recently having modified his espresso machine to be controllable from his iPhone.