Building highly decoupled systems in Python with Ryan Easterbrook

Presentation on samedi at 2:15 après-midi to 2:45 après-midi in Room 1180.

With various architecture decisions like Microservices, Restful APIs, MVC, and many more being widely discussed, it's often difficult to determine what you need to build your application. However, these patterns and many other well designed architectures follow common best practices including low coupling, high cohesion, and strong interfaces. Understanding these underlying principals is key to making the best decisions for your use case.

In this discussion we will explore how highly decoupled systems with strong interface boundaries aid in the maintainability and velocity of a project, and how to build such a system using python.

Ryan Easterbrook Bio

Ryan Easterbrook is a systems engineer specializing in designing and building scalable, resilient, and highly versatile system architectures to support a wide variety of applications from web to mobile. For the past four years he's been working on platforms to support SaaS products at great companies such as EventMobi and Firmex, and before that spent two years at a startup developing the backend for social massively multiplayer online games.