Deconstructing Django with Flask with Marc Sibson

Presentation on samedi at 11:50 matin to 12:20 après-midi in Room 1170.

Motivation: With the rise of micro services, API first sites and mobile the draw of a lightweight framework is stronger than ever. Django and its proscriptive batteries included approach can feel too heavy.

  • Django is awesome, but maybe I'm missing something with Flask thing. OMG, where do I start, there my so many choices
  • Major components of Django: ORM, routing, templating, views, forms, migrations, configuration, ReST, models, tasks, tests, static assets, authentication, sessions etc
  • templating, forms, static assets aren’t really needed for api/mobile use cases
  • for each remaining component offer the “best” flask library
  • build out a small API only app together using the ""best"" flask library

Marc Sibson Bio

Marc is a systems developer in a web world. Thanks, to Moore’s Law he was able trade C pointer wrangling for the GIL and hasn’t looked back. When not debugging concurrency issues he is kept busy by two precious kids, who really test his ability juggle two things at once.