Is your Python application secure? with Frédéric Harper

Presentation on samedi at 10:40 matin to 11:10 matin in Room 1180.

In today’s world, it's easier than ever to innovate and create great web applications. You release often, but let’s be honest, if you're like most developers out there, you don't spend your days worrying about security. You know it’s important, but you aren’t security savvy. So ask yourself, is your Python application secure? Come learn some of the different ways a hacker (cracker) can attack your code, and some of the best practices out there. In the end, your security is your users’ security.

Frédéric Harper Bio

As a Sr. Technical Evangelist at, Frédéric Harper is sharing his passion for technology and helping web developers to secure their applications. Former Mozilla and Microsoft Technical Evangelist, Fred is an experienced worldwide speaker with more than 100 talks under his belt. He is also the author of "Success in Programming: How to Gain Recognition, Power, and Influence Through Personal Branding” published by Apress. Whether it's about gnomes or unicorns, you can find Fred's thoughts at