ORM your ORM with Zach Howard

Presentation on samedi at 10:40 matin to 11:10 matin in Room 1160.

In this talk we'll present the inconveniences of working directly with objects returned by an ORM. We'll discuss:

  • the issues of having database sessions attached to objects;
  • the ability to maintain independence and flexibility around different storage solutions;
  • and we will also talk about the general question of how to decide which object layer you should base your application logic on.

This talk is inspired by a real-world use case, and we'll present the before and after states of implementing our current (production) solution: a database-agnostic data service API that promotes immutable objects for any module to consume.

Zach Howard Bio

Zach is a Software Engineering graduate from McMaster University. He has previous experience in engineering high frequency trading software for private trading firms in the foreign exchange and equity markets. Today Zach is Lead Architect at Unata, where he is responsible for platform architecture design, internal services, and integration with retailer IT systems.